Auburn area animal control services

We are licensed and bonded for animal control through the state of Alabama. What sets us apart from other animal control services is our catch-and-release policy. We take the time to relocate unwanted critters from your home or business to a place that will be more comfortable for all humans and animals involved.

At Cannon, we truly care about these animals that likely do not want to hang around you any more than you want them hanging around your space.

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What to expect: the Cannon process


Reach out to us with your issue.

Write a short description, that will describe the title or something informational and useful.


We'll come inspect your issue.

We will come to your home or business as soon as we can. During this stage, we’ll assess the problem and offer potential solutions.



At this point, we’ll also let you know pricing for potential solutions to your problem.


You're done!

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